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Ovention. The Next Revolution in Commercial Cooking

Innovator of high-speed, Precision Impingement vent-less ovens.
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Are you looking for an ovens that will allow you to cook a broad menu of high quality items quickly and doesn’t require a hood? If so, the Ovention® Matchbox® Ovens Series is right for you.

At Ovention we think that ovens should be smart enough to cook your entire menu perfectly—every time. The Oventions ovens use a new technology called Precision Impingement, allowing the cook time, independent blower speeds, and temperature to flex for each item for an ideal cook. How? Precision Impingement combines highly efficient impinged air cooking with a one-touch, GUI based control system to allow for the simplicity of conveyor cooking with the benefit of up to 1,000 unique cook settings that can vary up to 50 degrees (depending on the oven) higher or lower from cook to cook. We then went further and included a catalytic converter, USB port, and front panel cooling system to improve the operator experience even more.

The result: the first Precision Impingement oven that gives you menu expansion freedom, does not require a hood, is comfortable and quiet to work near, and is energy efficient.

Vent-less oven line includes Matchbox ovens, shuttles and conveyors.

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