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While portion packets may have their place in the food service industry – drive through, carry out and delivery – they often end up wasting a restaurant more money than they’re worth.

They leave behind a mess, and often aren’t completely emptied before they’re thrown away. Diners take them to their tables by the handful just to leave them behind, and – let’s face it – how many people actually feel comfortable using hand-me-down packets? Not many.

Not to mention each packet contributes to an ever-growing amount of packaging waste.

From a cost standpoint, a box of 1,500 single-serve, 9 gram packets costs $72.95 which comes out to 5 cents* per packet.

Many ketchup makers now offer their product in 1.5 and 3 gallon (6 L or 11.4 L) pouches with fitments that work with portion-controlled dispensers. A box of (2) 1.5 gallon ketchup pouches costs $37.06.

Which is the better deal?

(2) 1.5 gallon pouches equal about 12,927 grams of ketchup (net weight of 28.5 pounds converted to grams). Divide that by 9 grams, and it’s the equivalent of about 1,436 packets. At 5 cents per packet, that’s $71.80 to get the same amount of ketchup in packets as you get in the (2) 1.5 gallon pouches. By purchasing the 1.5 gallon pouches, your savings are $34.74 per box.

“So,” you ask, “now that I’ve bought these pouches, how do I dispense them?”

Server’s Express™ dispensing system works with these 1.5 gallon pouches, and list price of a single unit (07000, 07010) is $253*.  By the time you purchase 7 boxes of ketchup pouches, you will have paid for your unit in savings.

Express Dispensers

Because portions can’t really be controlled in self-serve applications, why not go with the less-expensive, environmentally better bulk option and switch to pouches?

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*Prices may vary by brand.

**Reflects price as of September 2018 and is subject to change. See our website for most current pricing.

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