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Product Floor Plan

Planning and purchasing foodservice equipment, from a single piece to an entire floor plan, demands effort and time. At HRI, Inc., we have done all the homework for you, researching, identifying and building partnerships with only the best manufacturers and product lines the industry has to offer. So whether you’re installing a warewash system, expanding a food prep station, or outfitting a new site, you can count on HRI to provide the best of the best in reliability, dependability, flexibility and durability for years to come.


With cost and environmental considerations top of mind it’s not just enough for refrigeration to keep product cold. Foodservice operators demand quality, performance, and features that address their needs all around. HRI is proud to represent:

  • American Panel – walk-in coolers and freezers, cold-storage warehouses, blast chillers and shock freezers
  • Traulsen – refrigerators/freezers, prep tables, blast chillers, and more
  • Structural Concepts – grab & go refrigerated cases, specialty cases, and built-ins.
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Refrigeration Floor Plan
  • Traulsen RA Series Traulsen has refrigerator/freezer solutions for every application, need and budget, from the entry level G-series units to the top-of-the-line R Series. The complete line of Traulsen refrigerator/freezers includes a wide variety of unit types, including reach-ins, pass-thrus, roll-ins, roll-thrus, and more.

  • Prep Tables Prep tables from Traulsen are available in numerous configurations, ranging from entry level units to the state-of-the-art Traulsen TS Series. Solutions to fit every need and budget.

  • Equipment Stand The complete line of Traulsen equipment stands, including the state-of-the-art Traulsen TS Series equipment stands, are designed to hold maximum weights and keep product at proper temperatures–even when drawers are open non-stop in high-volume operation times.

  • Blast Chiller The newly designed TBC Series Traulsen chillers are offered in a wide selection, including entry level quick chillers. The TBC units allow operators to chill by temperature, product, or time, and the Epicon controls offer multiple language settings. Available in undercounter, reach-in, roll-in, and roll-thru units to meet every application and budget requirement.

  • Milk Cooler New in 2014, Traulsen milk coolers are designed with optimum operational height for easy load and access. Patented top-mounted cassette refrigeration system makes maintenance a breeze. Choose from 8, 12, and 16 crate models.

  • AirCurtain RAC37 Traulsen air curtain refrigerators maintain a consistent temperature utilizing two key features that allow continuous usage during even the busiest periods: the special low-temperature “pre-chill” feature lets you prepare products, such as milk or juice containers, in advance for extended door-open periods; and the “on-demand” defrost cycle proves especially valuable for use between successive tray make-up periods to ensure optimum refrigeration system performance when the door is left open.

  • Traulsen Fish File Traulsen Fish File refrigeration units are constructed with stainless steel exteriors and interiors to provide years of quality performance. Each self-closing fish file drawer features a 16”W x 18 7/8”L x 6 1/2”H plastic pan with plastic perforated insert. Top-mounted self-contained balanced refrigeration system maintains a normal operating temperature of 36°F, perfect for preventing ice from melting too quickly. Also features a digital thermometer to easily monitor temperature.

  • Seafood Table Traulsen offers a wide range of special application units such as mobile display units, even-thaw refrigerators, convertible freezers and refrigerators, deli-merchandisers, double depth refrigerators, dual temps, space savers, wine coolers, fast freezers, fire-rated units, corrections units, and more.

  • HMBC4 Structural Concepts offers a variety of grab & go combination cases, from refrigerated/ambient to refrigerated with convertible compartments, and more. Available in many shapes, sizes, and finishes. Some units feature a patented baffle system, which allows the top of the cases to go from ambient to refrigerated, and vice versa, for the ultimate in flexibility.

  • CO57R Upright grab & go cases by Structural Concepts are available in numerous configurations to fit most applications and budgets, including box-style (built-in), Oasis cases (such as the one pictured here), and many more. All cases come standard with Type II refrigeration allowing for the most robust refrigeration system to hold up in higher humidity and temperature environments.

  • DOS36376 The line of drop-in/built-in refrigerated cases from Structural Concepts are designed, customized and installed directly into the counter or from the top, according to customers’ specific needs, allowing for easy customer access.

  • CMIB Structural Concepts carries many other specialty products, including the island hot/cold unit shown here, peninsula units, deli cases, gelato cases, cheese cases, floral cases, food bars, meat/seafood cases, wine cases, and others. If you have a unique application, ask your HRI rep about solutions from Structural Products.

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Keep it fresh, prep it best with top-of-the-line slicers, mixers, food processors, and more. Look to HRI for the freshest ideas in food prep from the top names in the industry.

Small, but mighty, food prep machines are workhorses in any kitchen. Slicers, mixerts, food processors are key to preparing food that’s fast, fresh, appealing, and on trend. HRI brings you the best of the best food prep machines:

  • Hobart – slicers, food processors, mixers, cutter mixers, salad dryers, meat saws, mixer/grinders, tenderizers, and other meat room equipment
  • Berkel – slicers and food processors
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Food Prep Floor Plan
  • H59 Hobart offers a full line of manual and automatic slicers for both low and high-volume operations, from high-end to budget-conscious models.

  • X13 Berkel slicers are available in a range of manual and automatic models for low and high-use applications.

  • FP250 Hobart has continuous feed and bowl-style food processors to meet the budget and volume demands of any operation.

  • M3000 Berkel food processors, available in bowl style and combination style, are a perfect match for any budget and volume of operation.

  • HL662 Hobart offers a complete line of mixer models and sizes, including tabletop mixers (5 qt, 12 qt, 20 qt), floor mixers (30 qt, 40 qt, 60 qt, 80 qt, 140 qt.), as well as large spiral mixers (180 and 220 pd) to meet any budget considerations and a range of volume operations.

  • HCM450 The Hobart 45-qt cutter-mixer provides excellent versatility for food prep that require mixing and cutting product with one unit.

  • 84186QR The Hobart bowl-style food cutter is available in 14″ and 18″ sizes, for smaller but always reliable food prep.

  • Salad DryerThe Hobart salad dryer helps reduce dressing costs and increase product shelf life by removing excess water. Available in stainless steel or epoxy finish.

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Maximize on today’s hottest trends with the latest and greatest cooking equipment available from HRI and start prepping menu items as diverse as today’s customers.

Many factors dictate cooking equipment needs, and HRI can help you meet your requirements with a complete offering from the best names in the business:

  • Dipo – high speed ovens, induction ranges, and more
  • Hobart – combi ovens and rotisseries
  • Ovention – ventless ovens, shuttles and conveyors
  • Vulcan – ranges, fryers, cook & hold, convection, and combo ovens, braising pans, and much more
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Cooking Floor Plan
  • VTEC Char Broiler Select from the full line of Vulcan countertop charbroilers to meet every operational need and budget– from entry level economy models to the patented VTEC charbroiler (pictured here), the most efficient and even cooking charbroiler on the market today.

  • Broiler Chop House Vulcan offers both radiant and infrared charbroilers, like this broiler chop house, in various combinations and sizes.

  • 948RX Vulcan meets a variety of griddle needs with its complete line, including entry level economy griddles to the patented Rapid Recovery Griddle, one of the most efficient, quickest to recover, and most even cooking griddle on the market.

  • Counterline From hot plates and griddles to charbroilers and more, foodservice operators rely on Vulcan for a full range of medium-duty countertop cooking equipment.

  • V260 Restaurants rely on Vulcan for restaurant grade ranges. Available in multiple configurations, sizes, and price points, Vulcan ranges include the “Endurance Range” with unique features such as the flash tube-pilots, sauté-style burners, and a full-size chef’s oven.

  • HD-36 The Vulcan line of “heavy duty” cooking equipment includes fryers, ranges, griddles, charbroilers, equipment stands, cooking suites, and more. Designed to stand up in the heaviest volume operations.

  • Power Fry The full line of Vulcan fryers includes everything from entry level economy models to the patented VK (5-pass) fyer, pictured here. The most efficient, fastest to recover, and lowest cost of ownership fryer available. Vulcan VK and TR fryers feature a built-in mobile filtration system that provides operational savings by extending oil life.

  • VC44D-QL Vulcan offers both gas and electric convection ovens in a variety of models. Standard convection oven uses just 44k BTUs per deck, making it one of the most efficient ovens on the market. Vulcan also has bakery-depth ovens and others in various configurations to fit many needs and budgets.

  • C24GA10 Vulcan steamers range from economy connectionless countertop models to the patented “Powersteam” floor steamer, one of the most efficient and fastest to recover steamers in the industry.

  • BRAISING-PAN Vulcan Tilting Braising Pans provide ultimate cooking flexibility in a small footprint. Available in two size, 30 and 40 gallon, with numerous options including embossed markings, powered bowl lift, draw off valves, and more.

  • K40ELT The full lineup of Vulcan steam kettles includes both stationary and tilting steam kettles, available in gas, electric or direct steam configurations. Sizes include 6, 12, 20, 40, 60, 80. 100. 125, 150 gallon kettles, as well as other combinations.

  • Cook Hold Oven Vulcan “Cook & Hold” ovens, offered in multiple configurations to suit any budget and need, are designed for simple operation and ease of maintenance. Top-mounted heating system is removable for easy maintenance.

  • ABC7E For the best Combination Oven, choose from Vulcan and Hobart. The all new Vulcan Combi provides the simplest operation. Patented auto humidity setting related to temperature creates the lowest need for continuous operational training of any combi on the market today. Available in gas and electric. Holds 7 full size sheet pans or 14 12”x20” steam table pans 2.5” deep. Hobart electric combi oven is available in 6 half, 10 half, 10 full, and 20 full size combinations. Patented blue tooth bar code scanner simplifies operation by creating a one-step cooking operation.

  • Ovention Ovention, Inc. offers a wide-range of high-speed cooking ovens. Using its patented “Precision Impingement” in the cooking processes, with no microwaves, these UL-rated ventless ovens are easily the most energy efficient high-speed ovens, with the best cooking results, on the market. Oven options include Matchbox, Shuttle or hybrid, and conveyor.

  • DIPOUSA DipoUSA offers a wide range of all-electric induction cooking products, including portable and built-in tabletop units, stockpot induction ranges for high volume, induction ranges, and more. There is a DipoUSA induction cooking product to fit most every application need and budget.

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Meet the rising demand for profitability with the best in baking equipment. For healthy alternatives in baking, start with HRI.

Who can resist the attempting aromas of fresh baked goods? No one! That’s why the boom in baking continues to rise in the foodservice industry, from college cafeterias to fine dining restaurants. HRI offers the leading brand in baking equipment:

  • Baxter – rotating rack ovens, proofer/retarders, deck ovens, tray ovens, and specialty products
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Baking Floor Plan
  • Rotating Rack Oven The full line of Baxter rotating rack ovens, including the Baxter “Mini” rotating rack oven and Baxter full size single rack oven (pictured here) are designed not only to be used in bakery applications, but also for everyday foodservice cooking applications. Baxter also offers a double rack oven capable of holding two full size roll-in racks for extremely high production. All units feature a patented steam system and are designed to fit every application.

  • Proofer Retarder Baxter proofers and retarders are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from single units to models that will hold multiple racks. Baxter also offers combination proofer/retarders that provide ultimate flexibility in a small footprint.

  • Deck Oven Choose from Baxter electric-only deck ovens in multiple configurations, including standard wide units and the narrow unit (pictured here), ideal for small footprints. Baxter deck ovens allow for temperatures up to 550° F and offer independent settings to heat the top and bottom of each deck separately for ultimate precision and control. Steam is standard on all models, as well as split glass inspection door for unobstructed view of the oven chamber.

  • Revolving Tray Oven Baxter revolving tray ovens are available in 18-, 24-, 30-, and 36-pan units. Ovens feature “high-low” burner for reduced energy consumption, auto-start, solid and perforated metal trays, prison package, and more.

  • Water Meter Baxter offers many other specialty products such as various roll-in racks, ingredient bins, and the water meter (pictured here), which allows for the perfect amount and temperature of water to provide optimum baking precision.

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Clean up on energy, water and labor costs with warewashing systems from HRI, the industry’s first choice in dishwashing and warewashing equipment.

No foodservice operation is complete without efficient, reliable warewashing and dish machines. Because dishwashing can be a drain on time, money and labor, making the right equipment selection is critical. HRI represents a full line of equipment from the top name in kitchen cleanup for all foodservice markets:

  • Hobart – undercounter, door-style, conveyor, and flight type dish machines; utensil washers; and more
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Warewashing Floor Plan
  • LXe-Ql-advansys Hobart High & Low Temp undercounter dishmachines are available on both a standard and “Advansys” Platform, which features energy recovery, “Puri-Rinse” chemical sanitizing, auto delime, steam elimination, and more. Machines available to fit most every operational need and budget.

  • AMVL-QL Hobart offers High & Low door-style dishmachines on a standard and “Advansys” platform, wtih energy recovery and ventless operation. Other options include extra tall units for sheet pan washing and more.

  • CL44E Hobart High & Low conveyor machines are available on both a standard and “Advansys” platform, which features energy recovery. Other options include pre-wash tanks, blow dryers, and more. Choose from a variety of models to fit any budget and operational need.

  • FT1000 Hobart offers its next generation Flight Type machine on both a standard and “Advansys” platform. Advansys features include automatic soil removal, auto-delime, auto-cleaning, energy recovery, heat pump with ventless option, and more.

  • UW50QL The Hobart UW50 front-loading utensil washer, pictured here, is designed for the most demanding applications. Perfect for use with sheet pans, mixing bowls, and more.

  • TURBOWASH-II The Hobart line of Turbowash warewashers feature powered and heated agitating sinks, which continue to work even when the operators are away. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations for all applications.

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Put productivity at your fingertips and protect your valuable dinnerware with better storage and transport solutions from HRI.

An organized kitchen in any restaurant, school, college or hospital is an efficient one, from easy access to supplies and ingredients to accurate inventory management. HRI has everything you need from the pioneer in storage and transport solutions:

  • Metro – shelving and dollies, mobile pan/tray racks, warehandling, utility carts, and work tables
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Storage Floor Plan
  • Eracta Pro
    Metro offers a wide range of wire shelving for both dry and refrigerated storage, like this Super Erectra Pro, the original — reinnovated.

  • Track ShelfMetro high-density track shelving is ideal for high-volume institutional use.

  • Dish Dollie
    Choose from a wide variety of Metro plate and dish dollies, like this Poker Chip Dish Dollie, designed for any application requiring safe storage and transport of valuable dishware.

  • My CartMetro offers the polymer “myCart” Series of utility carts and a line of wire carts for a variety of different uses in the kitchen.

  • Smart WallMetro offers the “Smart Wall” shelving system for a variety of applications busy foodservice settings.

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Properly storing and transporting food is every bit as important as preparing food, whether it’s at a school cafeteria, university dining court, or hospital facility. Foodservice operations rely on quality equipment to keep foods hot and fresh and kitchens efficiently organized. HRI rolls out a full line of the leading names in food storage and transport solutions:  
  • Metro – heated and refrigerated mobile cabinets, banquet carts, and more
  • Vulcan - heated cabinets, proofers, and more
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Holding and Transport Floor Plan
  • Cook and HoldVulcan cook & hold ovens, available in a range of models, use convected (convection?) air for eye-appealing quality results. Lifetime warranty on heating elements makes Vulcan a smart investment for any foodservice operation.
  • Banquet CabinetMetro meets the needs of any foodservice operation with several models of heated and refrigerated banquet cabinets. Features include precise maneuverability, optional “quad heat,” durable and easy to clean stainless steel construction, and more.
  • C5TMetro offers a wide line of heavy-duty transport equipment, ranging from standard short-term holding cabinets to rugged, insulated heavy-duty transport cabinets for high demand operations.
  • Half-SizeFor heavy duty demands, think Vulcan. Choose from several models of heavy-duty transport cabinet, ranging from non-insulated cabinets to units featuring fully-insulated correction packages. Vulcan half-size model pictured here.
  • C5R CabinetMetro T-series fully insulated refrigerated transport cabinets, like this Metro C5R unit, feature pull-out refrigeration cassettes and a rigid design to hold up in the harshest environments.
  • C59Humidity cabinets, like the Metro C59 unit pictured here, are an excellent addition to any foodservice operation. Available in a range of models, from economy non-insulated to insulated.
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Meet safety requirements for exhaust and fire protection with top ventilation systems available through HRI.

Ventilation that saves energy, boosts efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures a safe work environment can make any foodservice operator breathe easier. HRI is please to represent the pioneer and innovator in foodservice ventilation systems:

  • Gaylord – ventilators, ventilation hoods, utility distribution systems, and more
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Ventilation Floor Plan
  • Gaylord VentilationThe Gaylord EL Series Ventilator is a robust, cost-effective solution that is ideal for a variety of light-duty applications. Based on performance and price, is the best light-duty hood money can buy.

  • Gaylord VentilationThe Gaylord ELX Series Ventilator is designed to greatly improve air management, and ultimately save energy, boost efficiency and significantly reduce operating costs. Achieves the lowest air volumes by taking advantage of the thermal plume that rises naturally from the cooking process. Unique Gaylord technology makes the system quieter than any other hood in the industry for a more productive and efficient kitchen.

  • Gaylord VentilationThe ELXC Clean-in Place Ventilator is a water wash ventilator built on Gaylord’s revolutionary new ELX platform. This clean-in-place wet technology automatically eliminates grease without having to remove, transport, wash and replace filters—increasing productivity and reducing risk. Uses up to 24% less water than other designs, reduces utility costs, and saves energy.

  • Gaylord VentilationGaylord Utility Distribution Systems (UDS) are designed for the demands of today’s modern kitchen. The Distributor provides every required service—electrical, gas, hot and cold water, steam, condensate return, compressed air and chilled water—to the cooking equipment, all in an attractive, pre-engineered unit. Available in a variety of configurations, including island, wall-mounted and ceiling. Distributor delivers the ultimate in flexibility, expandability, safety, cleanliness and convenience.


Appeal to the senses with eye-catching and efficient serving stations, kiosks and more. HRI offers the right solutions to serve satisfied customers in any setting.

With the growing grab & go market and ever-increasing demand for appealing serving lines, foodservice operators – particularly in universities, colleges, and hospitals – need access to the flexible, modular, customizable solutions. HRI is the ultimate source for leading name in innovative and enticing serving solutions.

  • Multiteria – mobile breakfast stations, mobile coffee and food kiosks, and complete line of serving stations
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Serving Floor Plan
  • Breakfast CartBoost participation in your breakfast program with mobile units you can serve anywhere. Designed to feed 150-200 students at a time or more with replenishment. Perfect for breakfast in the hallway, in the classroom or in front of school.

  • Coffee KioskIncrease revenues without increasing your serving space or interrupting serving lines. Multiteria modular mobile kiosks, such as the one pictured here, can be used for coffee, breakfast on the go, grab ‘n go, smoothie station or any take-away program that will draw customers and sales.

  • EssenceThe modular-unit Essence line of serving stations lets you create a unique look without the costs and hassles of custom-built units. Start with the all-stainless welded construction and enhance the aesthetics solid surface countertops, exterior panels, drop-ins, food protectors, lighting, and more. All are interchangeable or replaceable making renovations a snap.

  • BravuraThe Bravura line creates a retail environment or food court atmosphere that’s both contemporary and functional – a fusion of modular design with custom touches for an upscale appearance designed to maximize customer participation and increase revenues.

  • MeritageMeritage offers an elegant line of serving stations designed with unique wood finishes, solid surface or stone tops and European style food protectors. Designed for country clubs, hotels, casinos, caterers and fine dining establishments offering a touch of class and sophistication.

  • Supreme StyleKeep concessions moving with a Supreme style warming, dispensing and merchandising unit from Server Products. Manage serving costs with precise portion control pumps (adjustable in 1/8 oz (7 mL) increments) and thermostatically controlled, adjustable heat settings. Includes applicable magnetic merchandising signs.

  • Fountain Jar BarsMix (2-6) pumps and ladles or choose complete combos with a single serving method. The proper cold food dispensers are revealed by selecting the food type to be dispensed and jar size.

  • Tiered Topping RailTiered rail with a narrow footprint needs just 5″ (13.3 cm) of linear countertop space making them a natural choice for pairing, if needed. Tiered Rails include (2) 1/9-size jars with a 1.3 qt (1.2 L) capacity, clear hinged lids and serving spoons.

  • Cone Dip WarmerCoat ice cream and waffle bowls with cone dip using a low-temperature warmer by Server Products. Dip Servers are available in 120 and 230 volt models and heat 1, 2, or 3 #10 cans of cone dip topping by natural convection.

  • Thermoelectric ChillersEliminate the hastles of ice or ice pack cooling. These quiet and energy-efficient electric units keep foods like fruits, vegetables, and other products safely chilled indefinitely.

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The most often over-looked part of the dishroom is a proper soiled ware handling system teamed with the correct dishmachine. Big clean up requires big solutions with big savings on time, labor and money on dishwashing systems. Fortunately, HRI represents one of the best manufacturers that will provide custom solutions to your own operational needs while boosting  performance and savings:  
  • Aeroworks – soiled tray handling systems, tray accumulator systems, tray returns, tray make up systems, and more
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Conveyors Floor Plan
  • Tray Return Aerowerks offers a line of tray return conveyors, including a traditional slat belt conveyor, a mesh belt conveyor for tray-less operations, and a belt conveyor. Each system is custom designed to fit the unique needs of each application.
  • TAC Reverse Bend The Side Bend Accumulator from Aerowerks is perfect for operations looking to reduce the footprint of the accumulator in the dishroom while increasing capacity. These custom systems are also ideal for multiple tray/ware drop stations in the cafeteria, increasing the throughput of the overall system.
  • Space Miser Aerowerks patented “Space-Miser Acccumulator,” pictured here, is designed to fit applications where accumulation is needed, but footprint inside the machine will not accommodate a standard accumulator. These systems are custom and can span multiple floors if needed.
  • Upper Tray Drop Vertical Tray Return Systems by Aerowerks convey ware from a cafeteria on one floor back to the dishroom on another floor. These systems are custom designed to fit the unique needs of any operation.
  • Upracking Aerowerks offers a broad line of soiled ware-handling and sorting systems inside the dishroom, custom designed to reduce dishroom labor, decrease breakage, save on dishwasher utilities by “accumulating ware” inside the dishroom, and more. Available in a design to fit every need and budget.
  • Clean Dish Return Aerowerks has a wide range of options for conveyor dishmachine clean dishtables. Clean roller tables are available in many custom configurations to provide optimum rack capacity while decreasing labor in the dishroom,. Also improves drying results by allowing more airflow across the units.
  • Double Sided Scrap Table With full-service custom fabrication and design services, Aerowerks ensures that is custom soiled dishtable solutions will meet the unique needs and budgetary constraints of every application.
  • Carousel Tray Make-Up Aerowerks offers several versions of healthcare Tray Make-Up Systems, including the accumulator unit, pictured here, with built-in heated/refrigerated wells. Other configurations include more traditional conveyor-style options.
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Waste Management Floor Plan