For over seventy-five years, InSinkErator® has been making food service operations more productive with equipment solutions designed specifically for restaurants, stores, schools, hotels, hospitals and stadiums. InSinkErator®, helping  foodservice operations manage waste disposal, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Insinkerator Waste Management

Divert food waste from landfills and reduce hauling costs with the next-generation InSinkErator pulper. Tri-Cycle™ reduces food waste volume by up to 90% and mass by up to 75%* using a 10 HP, uniquely designed grinder and powerful dewatering centrifuge. The compact, standalone design processes 50 lbs. (23 kg) of food waste per minute1 and can be placed nearly anywhere, in or out of the kitchen.

Insinkerator Waste Management
Insinkerator Waste Management

Tri-Cycle features a digital user interface panel that displays operational prompts and system status throughout its working cycle. The system includes a built-in automatic cleaning cycle, as well as a 95-second deep cleaning cycle activated by the push of a button. End-of-shift cleaning process takes approximately 3.5 minutes2.

Insinkerator Waste Management

Premier instant hot water dispensers. The elegant swivel high-arch spout makes filling pitchers and pots easier. Designed for large volume usage of steaming hot water. Up to 100 cups of 190°F hot water per hour are provided by the system's 2/3 gallon tank. Saves time, work and water — you only heat the water you use.

Insinkerator Waste Management
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