Baxter ovens, proofers and other bakery equipment help create authentic results thanks to the manufacturer’s signature consistent heat, even airflow and generous steam features.
Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens

Rotating Rack Oven

Baxter’s unique airflow system lets you bake, roast, and reheat a variety of foods. More>>

Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven

Mini Rotating Rack Oven

Does everything a full-size model does—only in a smaller footprint. More>>

Baxter VersaOven


Combines the best features of rotisserie, combi and convection ovens into one unique, space-saving and powerful oven. More>>

Baxter Deck Oven

Deck Oven

Combines innovative steam technology with versatile and durable design for the perfect baking machine. More>>

Baxter Proofers


Multiple products. Varying times. One proofer to handle it all. More>>

Baxter Retarders/Proofers


An excellent way to maximize square footage and add flexibility to production scheduling for small bakeries, large supermarkets or institutions. More>>

Baxter Water Meters

Water Meter

Highly precise control of water temperature within ± 1.5°F and volume within a tolerance of ± 2 percent. More>>

Baxter Oven Racks

Oven Racks

Practical, durable oven racks designed for Baxter Single Rotating Rack Ovens and Double Rotating Rack Ovens. More>>

Baxter Ingredient Bins

Ingredient Bins

Stainless steel ingredient bins are used for storing any kind of dry ingredient at your fingertips. More>>

HRI. Innovative Solutions

HRI’s consultative approach adds value and fosters a partnership with the buyer, as the purchase progresses through an entire project. How can we help? We offer a number of innovative solutions to help our customers make the best product purchase decisions, like TRY before you BUY, providing data on ROI and energy savings! Contact us and let us know what action you’d like to take on specific products. We’ll respond quickly to answer your questions and or set up a demo or free equipment audit.