Structural Concepts offers specialty refrigerated display cases that work better, last longer, save energy, and minimize operating costs. 
Structural Concepts Bakery Cases


Refrigerated, non-refrigerated service or self serve display cases from Structural Concepts available in various styles and sizes. More>>

Structural Concepts Combination Cases

Combination Cases

Structural Concepts’ collection of single cases that offer multiple display areas to optimize floor space. More>>

Structural Concepts Deli Cases


Structural Concepts service or self-serve deli display cases in refrigerated, heated, combination or prep style units. More>>

Structural Concepts Grab & Go Cases

Grab & Go

Open front display cases from Structural Concepts provide quick and easy access to fresh food without the hassle of doors. More>>

Structural Concepts Heated Self-Service

Heated Self-Service

Structural Concepts stainless steel case keeps self-serve foods warm and fresh. More>>

HRI. Innovative Solutions

HRI’s consultative approach adds value and fosters a partnership with the buyer, as the purchase progresses through an entire project. How can we help? We offer a number of innovative solutions to help our customers make the best product purchase decisions, like TRY before you BUY, providing data on ROI and energy savings! Contact us and let us know what action you’d like to take on specific products. We’ll respond quickly to answer your questions and or set up a demo or free equipment audit.