Two of the most reliable brands in food preparation, Berkel and Hobart food prep machines deliver consistent performance and results, from slicers and mixers to food processors and much more.
Hobart Countertop Mixers

Countertop Mixers

Consistent mixing at just the right power and speed needed. Ideal for operations with limited kitchen space. More>>

Hobart Floor Mixers

Floor Model Mixers

Best-in-Class awards for performance and reliability; available in 30- to 140-quart sizes. More>>

Hobart Slicers


Consistent, precise cuts every time with safe, easy-to-clean design. More>>

Hobart Bowl Style Food Processor

Bowl-Style Food Processors

Compact, countertop food processors chop, mix and emulsify. More>>

Hobart Continuous Feed Food Processors

Continuous Feed Food Processors

Speed prep time, produce consistent results every time with ergonomic, easy to operate design. More>>

Hobart Meat Room Saw

Meat Room

Waste less and deliver the high quality cuts, chops and steaks with an array of heavy-duty meat saws, grinders, mixers, tenderizers, choppers and accessories. More>>

Hobart Potato Peeler and Specialty Products

Specialty Products: Peelers/Salad Dryers/Power Drive Units

Full line of specialty machines for food prep efficiency and menu creativity. More>>

Hobart Food Prep Accessories


Easy-to-use accessories for Hobart mixers, food processors and slicers bring efficiency and innovation to any kitchen. More>>

Berkel Slicers - Gravity Feed

Slicers – Gravity Feed

Dependable slicing from Berkel featuring permanent knife guard and built-in sharpener. More>>

Berkel Slicers - Polymer

Slicers – Polymer

The next generation of slicers from Berkel using the latest technology in motion, geometry, energy and hygiene. More>>

Berkel Bread Slicers

Slicers – Bread

Cutting efficiency and high-capacity slicing with consistency and precision from Berkel. More>>

Berkel Prosciutto Slicer

Slicers – Prosciutto

Manual operation allows for speed control of the table to provide consistent, paper-thin prosciutto slices. More>>

Berkel Combination Food Processors

Food Processors – Combination

Berkel cutter/mixer quickly and easily slices, dices, shreds, chops and blends a variety of products in minimal time. More>>

Berkel Continuous Feed Food Processors

Food Processors – Continuous Feed

Berkel’s powerful heavy-duty machines designed for high capacity output. Made in the USA. More>>

Berkel Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum Packaging Machines

Berkel stainless steel units provide quality, reliable vacuum packaging machines. More>>

HRI. Innovative Solutions

HRI’s consultative approach adds value and fosters a partnership with the buyer, as the purchase progresses through an entire project. How can we help? We offer a number of innovative solutions to help our customers make the best product purchase decisions, like TRY before you BUY, providing data on ROI and energy savings! Contact us and let us know what action you’d like to take on specific products. We’ll respond quickly to answer your questions and or set up a demo or free equipment audit.