3 Reasons to Invest in New Foodservice Kitchen Equipment

Three Great Reasons To Consider New Foodservice Equipment

If you are thinking that it is a good time to look at the equipment in your kitchen and evaluate what needs upgrading or replacing. The HRI team of professional food service consultants in our Culinary Solution Centers are a good place to see the latest and most energy efficient equipment.

The decision to buy new equipment is an important one.  Really, there are three main reasons for making significant changes in the kitchen:

  • Energy Cost Savings
  • Rebates
  • Technological Advancements

On their own, each of these reasons provides benefits to food service operators.  If you shop around and do research though, you will discover that some new equipment purchases result in a trifecta: attaining savings, rebates, and technology gains.

Let’s look at each one to better understand the benefits.

Energy Cost Savings: For those buying because you have outgrown or need to replace your current equipment, you’ll quickly discover that most new equipment offers much greater energy efficiency. Today’s energy efficient equipment can directly help with your bottom line by cutting costs for running the kitchen and producing food. For example, in years past steamers were often boiler-based and consumed large amounts of water and energy. Today’s steamers operate with amazing water and energy savings by eliminating these boiler systems. For example, Vulcan’s powerful C24EA-LWE Series Steamer is the first and only ENERGY STAR® qualified electric à la carte counter steamer. It is designed to conserve water usage by up to 90% compared to traditional models.

Rebates: If you are looking for new appliances and are worried about cost, available rebates can help. Many energy supply companies offer rebates for energy efficient gas and electric appliances. To save money, consider replacing your older, inefficient equipment with more efficient models. For example, the new Hobart CLeN Conveyor Dishwasher with a drain water energy recovery system is designed to reduce energy consumption by more than 20% and water consumption up to 90%. Because of this, some energy companies will offer up to a $2000 rebate to you for replacing your old dishwasher with one of these newer models.

Technological Advancement: Technology innovations and streamlined designs are other reasons to consider buying new equipment. Manufacturers now offer equipment that allows you to use 1 piece of equipment to use multiple cooking techniques in a single footprint. This makes it possible to do more work in the same amount of space at a higher efficiency. For example, the Vulcan ABC7 Combi Oven/Steamer is just one piece of restaurant equipment that saves space and has multiple cooking capabilities. Bake, grill, roast, steam and much more with the combi oven. Its functionality of controlling temperature, time and humidity, makes it truly versatile for multiple types of product.

So, whether you are replacing faulty equipment, outgrowing your current appliances, or are looking for ways to cut costs, there are savings and new technologies to help you to make the right decision. The team at HRI is here to help you explore all your options to ensure you make the right decision for your operation.



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