American Panel – An Insider’s View of the best Cold Rooms in the Industry!
American Panel Cold Rooms

HRI Is pleased to represent the next generation of foamed-in-place walk-in coolers, freezers and insulated buildings from American Panel. A unique new blend of the latest manufacturing technology and advanced product features.

American Panel has perhaps the most thoroughly scrutinized production process in the industry. Their dedication to zero defect manufacturing and product reliability produces a top quality, pre-tested walk-in that fits together precisely and ensures a lifetime of dependable service. Here’s an insider’s view of some of what goes into the best
Cold Rooms in the Industry.

American Panel Punch Press

Very high tech punch will hold up to 18 unique dies that the punch can automatically grab. Increased production and PRECISION in the manufacturing process.

An example of the chemical reaction that takes place when 2 chemicals mix to provide the “guts” of a foamed-in-place panel. Very Strong. No Voids.

American Panel
American Panel
American Panel
American Panel Foam Fill

Pieces of foam showing how consistent the foam is all the way through.

American Panel has half corners as well as full corners allowing for double the amount of standard sizes.

AP corners

Doors are made out of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Pultrusion. In simple terms a polymer that will not bend, break, Crack, transfer heat and thus ensuring no heat enters cabinet.

American Panel Doors

American Panel utilizes a double 90 bend which allows for the placement of a foamed-in-place gasket as well as providing more area for the foamed to grab. Meaning NO surface mounted panel gaskets that rip, tear, and can fall off quite easily.

American Panel

Door Heater wire is a braided stainless wire that runs the entire length of the door frame. This wire is controlled by the standard controller which will fluctuate on and off as needed rather than always on. Result – Less Energy used and less wear and tear on these components.

American Panel Door Heater Wire

Interior Ramps are made as a single fully welded piece completely sealed and air tight.

American Panel

American Panel builds their own UL rated junction boxes. As you see below this allows for a larger box than off the shelf ones thus ensuring all wiring is simple to connect and easy to service.

Junction Boxes

Every single box is built with precision and then SET UP AT THE FACTORY BEFORE SHIPPING. This ensures any items needing correction are corrected before shipping. Attention to detail!

Pre-Shipping Setup
Panel Correction

Panels needing corrections noted after assembly in plant.

All refrigeration systems are built with precision in mind. The example below shows 3 separate refrigeration lines coming off the thermal expansion valve to move refrigerant to several areas of the coil and thus provide a more efficient system.

American Panel

Extra care taken when palletizing shipments to reduce freight damage. Notice the wood corners and solid plywood end piece.

Wooden Crate

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