Centerline by Traulsen

Refrigeration Storage Built to Last that Won’t Break the Bank


As new independent restaurants or cafes are formed or existing locations re-open their doors, operators are continuing to find creative ways to control their costs.  It is a constant juggling act to keep the right amount of overhead, maintain their kitchen equipment and keep food costs low so they can turn a profit each month.  Many of these owners likely see the value in purchasing a premium refrigeration brand such as Traulsen, but in years past, their budget may not allow it.  With the introduction of Centerline by Traulsen, those days are over.

Centerline by Traulsen introduces an entirely new line-up of refrigerators, freezers, sandwich prep tables and compact undercounters.  These units have proven to be reliable, robust units that withstand many different kitchen environments while maintaining an economical price.

Traulsen has been an industry leading manufacturer for over 80 years and are trend setters with top mounted refrigeration systems and were the first to introduce a 3 year parts/labor warranty.  With the Traulsen G-Series and R/A Series reach-ins and spec-line prep tables, customers reap the benefit for their investment by gaining the following features:

  • Thermal expansions valves for the best temperature recovery
  • Microprocessor or Smart Control with Alarms
  • EZ-Clean gaskets
  • StayClear Condenser Coil (R/A Series Reach-ins Only)
  • TempAssure or Glycol prep tables
  • Hold pans in top of prep tables for 15-24 hours with top open
  • Withstand up to 110 degree kitchen spaces

As budget becomes an even higher priority though, Centerline units now give over 120 different choices of refrigeration products that offer these great features:

  • Ergonomically- friendly bottom mounted refrigeration system on reach-ins
  • Electronic control with LED display, (located on prep and undercounter tables also)
  • Withstand up to 100 degree kitchen spaces
  • Capillary tube metering device (matches most of industry standard)
  • Prep tables offered as both standard and Megatop pan configurations
  • Prep tables designed and tested to hold 6” deep pans for up to 4 hours with top open
  • Zero Clearance on prep tables
  • Designed and Assembled in USA

Operators can feel good about their purchase as Centerline by Traulsen units are constructed of high-quality stainless steel and anodized aluminum for durability.  These products also use an eco-friendly, non-flammable refrigerant giving one a strong piece of mind.

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