Hobart Expands Its Reputation for Best in Class Warewashers with the Next Generation C-Line

The New CLen.

CleN Warewashers

Hobart’s CLen Warewasher turns dish washing into a science, using industry-leading technology to rack up more clean dishes in less time. Available in CLeN Base (New Doors + Pot and Pan Mode), CLen Energy Recover (20% energy and water savings), and CLen Advances models (ASR + 20% energy Savings), the CLeN is your clearest choice.

1. Exclusive NSF rated “intelligent” configurable Pot & Pan mode extends wash times, for hard to clean ware at the push of a button, reducing the need for pre-soaking.


2. Programmable de-lime alert, based on the customer’s water hardness, reduces unnecessary de-liming saving money on chemicals and extending the life and durability of your machine.


3. Drain Water Energy Recovery (DWER) models provide up to 20% energy savings over the CLE series. DWER models capture the heat from existing drain water and use it to heat the incoming cold water prior to sending it to the booster heater. This allows the machine to run on cold water, reducing hot water usage up to 90%. DWER models also temper the drain water ensuring compliance with pumping codes.

DWER Models

3. Automatic Soil Removal (ASR), available on CLen Advansys models, actively removes food soil that was missed during pre-scrapping to an external basket. This keeps the wash water cleaner and for longer periods of time saving money on chemicals, water and energy.


Upgrade to the Best in Class Quality and Performance of the CLe Series

No matter which CLeN you choose, your dish room can be one of the
cleanest, most cost effective places in your operation.

Ask your HRI representative about all the facts on the New CLeN Series.

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