Improving Healthcare Satisfaction with the Use of Room Service


Healthcare food service operations are constantly evolving to find better ways to serve fresh, safe, and appetizing meals to their patients.  It is all about getting the best patient satisfaction scores possible.   Food costs are monitored closely and reducing waste is key.  One method that has been implemented in many if not all facilities is room service, much like the hotel room service model.

Hospital room service gives patients the ability to have their food cooked-to-order when they are ready to eat and have more variety to choose from.  In-room delivery ensures the food is fresh and held at proper temperatures.  Ultimately, it is a higher quality experience for the patient.  A key component for the kitchen staff to remain successful is being prepared for that on demand cooking by having versatile, high speed, strong performing equipment options.  Here are a few items to consider:

The Vulcan Difference

Vulcan Versatile Chef Stations (VCS18 and VCS36)

  • Save on costly hood space with smaller 18” or 36” footprints
  • Flexible Cooking station with (8) different modes
  • Sear, braise, simmer, steam, boil, shallow fry, sauté or retherm product
  • Uses patented tri-metallic Rapid Recovery cooking surface
  • Accurate, uniform heat with 2 degrees from corner to corner
  • Switch drain function makes for quick and easy clean-up

The Silent Workhorse

Traulsen TE Series Equipment Stands

  • Refrigerator and freezer base options available in a variety of sizes
  • Cold product at Point of Use with use of 6” deep drawers
  • Extremely durable construction capable of holding up to 500 lbs per section
  • Multi-section air distribution provides safe food temperatures, even in harsh kitchen environments
  • 14-gauge s/s drawer slides provide up to 250 lbs capacity in each
  • Adjustable caster channel for uneven floors

No More Hood Space, No Problem

Ovention Ventless Double MILO Ovens

  • First-of-its-kind Decoupled Air and Infrared Technologies provide fast cook-time results
  • No use of microwaves that can deteriorate food more quickly
  • Control top and bottom cavities independently, at different cooking temperatures as well
  • Run only one oven during slower times to conserve energy
  • IR elements help tremendously with caramelization and finishing without over-drying
  • Active venting allows for humidity to escape when necessary
  • Fully programmable making it easy to train staff by only having to push a single button

To Learn more about these products and the plethora of other items we can offer, contact your local HRI rep or visit our newly designed website at to schedule a live demonstration.

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