Meet the most demanding cold storage requirements with top-of-the-line refrigerators, freezers, blast chillers, prep tables and more from premier manufacturers American Panel and Traulsen.
Traulsen Blast Chiller
Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers

Quickly and safely cool hot foods from their cooked temperature through the HACCP danger zone (between 135ºF to 40ºF) for refrigeration until needed for retherming. More>>

Traulsen G-Series Reach-In Refrigerator
Reach-In Refrigerators / Freezers

G-Series (Economy)

Refrigerators and Freezers with premium Traulsen features for performance on a tight budget. More>>

Traulsen Glass Door Merchandisers
Reach-In Refrigerators / Freezers

Glass Door Merchandisers

Energy efficient refrigerated units with built-in LED lights illuminate products without introducing additional heat inside the cabinet. More>>

Traulsen Sliding Glass Door Refrigerators
Reach-In Refrigerators / Freezers

Sliding Glass Door Refrigerators

Maximize product visibility in space-restricted spaces. More>>

Traulsen R&A Series
Reach-In Refrigerators / Freezers

R&A Series

Built-to-order, top-mounted refrigerators and freezers from Traulsen ingest less kitchen dirt, saving preventive maintenance time. More>>

Traulsen Commercial Wine Cooler
Reach-In Refrigerators / Freezers

Wine Cooler

Traulsen wine display cabinet features wine racks that incline bottles to keep corks moist, control sedimentation and make labels easy to read. More>>

Traulsen Glycol Prep Table
Prep Tables

Glycol Prep Table

A steady flow of glycol coursing through the unit maintains consistent temperatures for 24 hours with the lid off, keeps food in the safety zone. More>>

Traulsen Compact Sandwich Prep Table
Prep Tables

Compact Sandwich Prep Tables

Accommodates 6"-deep pans, provides 50% more safe product storage space, holds food safely for up to four hours. More>>

Traulsen Pizza Prep Table
Prep Tables

Full Size Pizza Prep Table

Full-size stainless steel prep table with all-day performance from Traulsen. More>>

Traulsen Compact Undercounter
Undercounter / Equipment Stands

Compact Undercounter

These Traulsen horizontal cabinets require zero clearance on the sides, back and top because each unit draws air from the front. More>>

Traulsen Refrigerated Equipment Stands
Undercounter / Equipment Stands

Refrigerated Equipment Stands

Traulsen specialized cabinets maximize space by providing refrigerated product at point of use. More>>

Traulsen Full Size Undercounter
Undercounter / Equipment Stands

Full Size Undercounter

The performance and features of a Traulsen refrigerated reach-in configured for undercounter space. More>>

Traulsen Milk Coolers
Milk Coolers

Milk Coolers

Traulsen durability and convenience for generations of milk lovers. More>>

Traulsen Correctional Equipment
Special Applications


Preconfigured refrigerator and freezer units reinforced to anticipate and prevent misuse in correctional foodservice operations. More>>

Traulsen Double Depth Refrigerators
Special Applications

Double Depth

Twice the storage of standard roll-ins providing easy access for four or six 66"-high racks in each unit. More>>

Traulsen Dual Temps
Special Applications

Dual Temps (Ref/Freeze or Hot/Cold)

Traulsen refrigeration with a freezer or hot-food holding all in one space-saving cabinet. More>>

Traulsen Extra Wide Refrigerators and Freezers
Special Applications

Extra Wide Refrigerators and Freezers

Traulsen extra-wide reach-in units designed to accommodate the use of large meat lugs right alongside the cook-line. More>>

Traulsen Fish & Poultry Refrigerators
Special Applications

Fish & Poultry Refrigerators

Traulsen top-mounted, self-contained refrigeration system allows cool air to gently fall down the cabinet keeping fresh fish and poultry chilled and ready to cook. More>>

American Panel Unibody Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers – Unibody

Choose from 15 different one piece reach-in/roll-in units from American Panel. More>>

American Panel Modular Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers – Modular

Assembled in the field like a walk-in unit, American Panel’s modular systems are designed with components within the cabinet on one side, greatly reducing the overall footprint of the unit. More>>

American Panel Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

American Panel walk-in coolers, freezers and insulated buildings with foamed-in-place urethane significantly reduce operating costs. More>>

American Panel Refrigerated Warehouses

Cold Storage

Modular warehouse systems by American Panel, from single walk-in to 20-room processing complex. More>>

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